Healthy School Food Collaborative

The Pitch

The Healthy School Food Cooperative is committed to providing healthy, sustainable meal choices to students, families, and communities in order to improve the nutritional impact in education.

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Healthy School Food Collaborative
James Graham

James Graham

The Entrepreneur

James Graham serves as the Director of Federal Programs and Contracts at KIPP New Orleans, where he acts as an expert interface between schools to negotiate and solve contractual and business related issues. James received his J.D. from Loyola University of Law, and an MBA and MEd from the University of New Orleans.

The Opportunity/Challenge

Over a third of Louisiana teenagers are overweight or obese. Public schoolchildren consume the majority of their calories at school, making school food a key lever for change in lowering rates of childhood obesity.

The Impact

  • Generated $9.8 million in revenue to serve 48% of all NOLA public schools






Press Coverage

News Posts

“With the help of Propeller’s visionary and Executive Director, Andrea Chen, KIPP’s healthy food initiative is tackling childhood obesity, which we hope down the line, will reduce Louisiana’s overall obesity rate among adults. Equally important is the impact that healthy food will have on student academic achievement. Our school partners and organizations like Propeller, who focus on social innovation, are our teammates in this endeavor.”

James Graham
Director of Federal Programs and Grants, KIPP New Orleans