The Well Integrative Medicine

The Pitch

The Well Integrative Medicine unites psychiatry, primary care, behavioral health, and evidence-based complementary medicine (i.e. massage therapy, acupuncture, and nutrition) to foster wellness and support healing.

Sarah Galos, Arwen Podesta & Sarah Mason

Sarah Galos, Arwen Podesta & Sarah Mason

The Entrepreneur

Sarah Galos is a business administrator and manager who has worked in multiple medical clinic settings with specific experience in expanding healthcare practices. She received a BA in Human Resource Management from Western Michigan University and continues to expand her knowledge in business development. She is an avid traveler, loves to cook, enjoys live music, the arts, and crafting.

Arwen Podesta is board certified in General Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, and will take her boards in Forensic Psychiatry in 2013. She works as medical director for Odyssey House, medical consultant for Unity for the homeless, and is practitioner and director of a private addiction center. During her early days as a massage therapist, Arwen dreamed of creating The Well, a clinic to integrate mind, brain, body and biology.

Sarah Mason received her nursing degree from LSU. As an RN, Sarah worked in primary care and managed the community clinic at Odyssey House. Later, Sarah received her Masters as a primary care, family nurse practitioner at Loyola. She also holds a philosophy background which infuses her work with The Well, Inc. Sarah’s style of healthcare is thoughtfully structured to treat the individual’s mind and body as a unified whole.

The Opportunity/Challenge

The disconnect between mental and physical healthcare often leads to complications and side effects. The Well’s mission is to amend this systemic deficiency by bringing providers of different specialties under one roof to offer complete treatment for patients.

The Impact

  • Each practitioner involved in The Well is currently expanding their own practice.
  • Several hundred patients and families served


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