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The Pitch

The Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana tackles deficiencies in the post-conviction phase of the criminal justice system while creating a supportive collaborative space for attorneys and advocates.

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Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana
Ameca Reali & Adrienne Wheeler

Ameca Reali & Adrienne Wheeler

The Entrepreneur

After graduating from Loyola University College of Law, Ameca began dedicating her legal career to defending the human rights of oppressed people. She has worked on a wide variety of issues ranging from Death Penalty Appeals, Juvenile Justice, Access to courts and justice, criminal defense, public housing, first amendment violations and education reform in Post Katrina New Orleans. She has worked closely with the Loyola Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild as a legal observer.

Adrienne Wheeler received a Masters degree from New York University, where she focused on suspension of municipal law as a method of policing social movements, and a J.D. from Loyola College of Law, New Orleans. She has been an active advocate for justice, monitoring police activities during protests and conducting surveys on homeowner consent issues after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The Opportunity/Challenge

In Louisiana, approximately 1 in 4 people have criminal backgrounds. 95% of JAC’s clients experienced trouble securing sustainable employment due to their criminal records.

The Impact

  • Over 2,000 clients served for non-violent criminal record expungements
  • 50 clinics and community education classes hosted
  • 300+ attorneys trained on expungements
  • Influenced state policy on the use of criminal records in housing and employment opportunities for ex-offenders.
  • Developed a mobile app
  • 700+ unique users of the expungement mobile app
  • 10+ parishes with individuals seeking technical support
  • 9 radio shows
  • Raised over $500,000 since June 2012


2012-2013 Ventures


  • Social Justice




Press Coverage

News Posts

“PitchNOLA was a phenomenal platform for JAC to present the expungement issue to the public. The $5,000 1st place prize will increase our capacity to service more clients, thereby helping to break the cycle of recidivism and contribute to a thriving and healthy New Orleans.”

Ameca Reali
Co-Founder, Justice and Accountability Center of New Orleans ('13)