Youth Rebuilding New Orleans

The Pitch

Youth Rebuilding New Orleans (YRNO) engages local youth for the betterment of the New Orleans community. Volunteers help reduce blight by rebuilding distressed and foreclosed homes. The finished homes are sold to teachers to stabilize neighborhoods and positively impact the education system.

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Youth Rebuilding New Orleans
William Stoudt

William Stoudt

The Entrepreneur

William Stoudt, Executive Director of Youth Rebuilding New Orleans, is a graduate of Tulane University and a New Orleans native. Before joining the staff, William worked as the Director of the Board and helped found the organization immediately after Katrina. He believes that engaging local youth and providing real educational opportunities is necessary for New Orleans’ continued growth.


  • 10,000+ youth volunteers engaged to help 350+ homeowners and rebuild 13 homes, which were resold to deserving teachers at a reduced cost (80% market rate) to stabilize neighborhoods and positively impact the education system.
  • Employed 35 youth
  • Trained 2000 volunteers






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“Propeller’s Fellow program has helped accelerate the progress of my venture, providing a lot of necessary first steps to turn an idea into my vision.”

William Stoudt
Executive Director, Youth Rebuilding New Orleans ('12)