The Pitch

Yoro is a refreshing line of adaptive beverages. Yoro exists to empower people to take control of their health & wellness so that they can create the tidal wave of change for a healthier, happier world. Yoro is crafted with all-natural flavor, contains no artificial sweeteners, and is infused with hand-picked adaptogens. They currently offer two refreshing flavors: Guava Passionfruit (Surge – Energy) and Pineapple Ginger (Surf – Clarity). Their low calorie, low carb, and low sugar beverages aid in relaxation, focus, and clarity.

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Robert Haynes & Michael Olaiya

Robert Haynes & Michael Olaiya

The Entrepreneur

Robert Haynes is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Cadera Brands,
where he oversees sales, strategy, manufacturing, and operations. With 15 years in the food and beverage arena, he has leveraged his experience in beverage production, product development, import/export relations, product placement, buyer psychology, and distribution sales.

Before co-founding Cadera, Robert began his experience in beverage
production in 2016 working Cellar Operations with Siduri Wines in Sonoma
County, where he produced 480,000 bottles of Pinot Noir consisting of 20
different clone types. After moving back to New Orleans, Haynes launched the Haynes Consulting Group, where he helped bars and restaurants achieve sustainability through cost analysis, menu development, labor planning, and sales forecasting. Implementing his experience, entrepreneurship, and love of beverage, he created Yoro ™ in his office in New Orleans to bring to scale for production. Robert’s goal was to allow the world to adapt to the ebbs and flows of everyday life and his personal experience with nootropics is a testament to its power. Robert brings his expertise in consumer goods development, sales, and manufacturing, where he continues to push Cadera Brands to be an innovative Health & Wellness company of the future.

Michael Olaiya is the cofounder and Chief Development Officer (CDO) at
Cadera Brands, Inc. Michael is responsible for overseeing clinical research,
product development, and the implementation of both clinical and
observational studies through interdisciplinary collaborations. With over 10
years in the pharmaceutical industry, Michael has devoted his time towards
the advancement, development, and awareness of sustainable, holistic
wellness products as alternatives for patients affected by the harmful side
effects of prescription medication.

Complementing his role and responsibilities with Cadera, Michael was previously a pre-doctoral fellow with the Food & Drug Administration, where he collaborated with the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research on the development, implementation, and evaluation of cross-sector interventions with clinical partners committed to safe medication use. Michael’s leadership as Chief Development Officer helps add the regulatory framework, along with a holistic, patient-centered approach needed for Cadera Brands to become global leaders in the advancement of plant-based medicine leading to sustainable, clinical applications; therapeutic and curative products.


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