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Whole Village Art Therapy provides high quality, holistic, community-based art therapy services to foster positive mental health, enhance the well-being of individuals and communities, facilitate a creative approach to healing, and promote access to mental health services regardless of financial hardship or other systemic barriers.

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Holly Wherry

Holly Wherry

The Entrepreneur

Holly Wherry
Holly Wherry is an art therapist, counselor, artist, and community advocate. Holly is a licensed professional counselor and board-certified art therapist who is actively engaged in creative healing practices locally, nationally, and internationally. She has master’s degrees in both Education and Art Therapy and has spent her career working with under-resourced communities to promote wellness, creativity, education, and resilience. Holly has developed and delivered art therapy programs designed to address trauma for over a thousand students in 10 different public schools in New Orleans. As an experienced professional, Holly teaches and provides training and clinical supervision for art therapists and other mental health professionals. In addition, Holly has developed and continues to supervise sustainable art therapy programs in India and Sri Lanka. Recently, Holly created the Art Therapy Pedalers, a project where she rode her bike and a mobile art therapy trailer across the United States making art with everyone she met.


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