The Pitch

Wake is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides meaningful, affordable, and environmentally sustainable deathcare resources to the greater New Orleans community. Wake’s network of death care providers connect with individuals who are struggling with death, either their own or a loved one’s, and help connect them to direct services, like affordable funeral services, bereavement support, and legal assistance.

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Liz Dunnebacke

Liz Dunnebacke

The Entrepreneur

Liz Dunnebacke’s professional career began in the entertainment industry in California, where her experience ranged from property development for Comedy Central to free-lance work on PBS documentaries. Since moving to New Orleans in 2004, Liz’s work has toggled between television production and nonprofit administration, occasionally blending the two. In 2020, she founded Wake after experiencing the death of close family members. Liz has served on the board of directors of several New Orleans-based nonprofit organizations, as well as national organizations, like the Green Burial Council and the Equitable Disposition Alliance. Liz holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Brown University.


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