Viola’s Heritage Breads

The Pitch

Viola’s Heritage Breads is a better-for-you bread and baked goods brand that uses simple ingredients and minimal processing. Viola’s Heritage Breads crafts a premium product that moms and health conscious individuals can have shipped directly to their homes or purchase through other food businesses. Buying from Viola’s Heritage Breads, a Black women owned brand, for daily and celebration bread needs is the perfect recipe for supporting a rising legacy.

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Carla Briggs

Carla Briggs

The Entrepreneur

Chef Carla Briggs has an abiding passion for the way New Orleanians use food to celebrate and communicate. Most important, though, is her desire to strengthen community ties through food by honoring the contributions of unacknowledged Black and Brown people in the hospitality industry.

Since graduating from Johnson and Wales University in Baking and Pastry Arts, Carla has seen many talented Black peers struggle to find solid footing in a white male–dominated culinary industry despite their skills and experience. She has also struggled herself, fighting to keep her dream alive while contending with racial and gender bias, supply chain issues, and the daily challenges of operating a small business.

Despite it all, she continues growing personally and professionally while remaining rooted in authentic community, culinary traditions, and crafted cultural experiences. Where food and education meet, she thrives. She is a chef, educator, and entrepreneur with expertise in early childhood, special education, and food safety. Carla is effective at creating practical tools, resources, and curriculums that assist individuals and organizations in designing, implementing, and evaluating program success. In her free time, you can find her completing her latest Lego challenge or exploring history at a local museum.

“I just think for me business has to be more than just me making money . . . I’ve gone to school and learned professionally how to do this as any other person would do, but I still don’t find the same success that others have found. So I can’t just make it about me because I also have to change the industry to make sure that other people can also find success, because I can’t do it by myself.” – Carla Briggs


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