Umoja Visions

The Pitch

Umoja Visions is a New Orleans-based company devoted to healthy hair. The company manufactures and sells a comprehensive hair care treatment system for men, women, and children with excessively curly hair.

Beverly D. Smith

Beverly D. Smith

The Entrepreneur

Starting in 1993, Umoja Visions went from a small company to expanding throughout the southeast region of the United States. The company was at its peak when Hurricane Katrina struck. This changed the impact of business, displacing a majority of their distributors and customers. While still rebuilding their clientele, Umoja Visions is currently in the process of rebranding themselves due to the rapidly-changing industry. They are now focusing their efforts on dominating the industry through digital media and work towards being a hub for stylists and distributors alike.


2018 South Broad Business Initiative




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