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TrueSchool Studio is a research and design team partnering with schools, districts, and organizations to enable frontline educators to design innovative models, tools, and strategies. Together, we hypothesize, research, and imagine ‘true’ or fully realized schools—places of limitless potential for people and learning.

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Maggie Riddell & Gabrielle Alicino

Maggie Riddell & Gabrielle Alicino

The Entrepreneur

Maggie Riddell’s experience intersects education and innovation. She taught high school English in New Orleans and immediately developed a passion for working with students and teachers to drive change in schools. Maggie has coached teams of eDesigner intrapraneurs from 95 schools in three cities to develop and implement solutions for their students and communities. She has also coached entrepreneurs through 4.0 Schools’ Essentials Program and Fast 48 Bootcamp at Tulane’s Taylor Center. Locally, Maggie is a founding member of the regional strategy team for Leadership for Educational Equity and the Transformational Teaching Fellowship through Teach For America. Maggie holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina.

Gabrielle Alicino’s experience draws on community development and education, and is grounded in a passion for social justice. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Urban Studies, Gabrielle was awarded the Fox Leadership Fellowship to work directly with nonprofit leaders in New Orleans. During her time as a Fox Fellow, Gabrielle worked at Catholic Charities to develop a collaborative care program and went on to manage Providence Community Housing’s NEWCITY Neighborhood Partnership, a coalition committed to collaborative planning and information sharing for the economic and community development of New Orleans. Through her work as a Fox Fellow, Gabrielle developed a strong commitment to the city of New Orleans and was asked to serve on the board of Broad Community Connections, an organization committed to revitalizing the neighborhoods along Broad Street via fresh food access and health education, economic opportunity, and the built environment.

TrueSchool has collaborated with 1,100+ educators to prototype and pilot innovations to drive student achievement, collectively impacting 47,143 students.


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