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Treux North Wellness informs, empowers, and inspires people to pursue
their best path to wellness. We offer strategic planning for wellness through fitness staffing, health education workshops, stress management training, and consulting.

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Danielle Burrell

Danielle Burrell

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Danielle Burrell
Danielle is Founder and Principal of Treux North Wellness. She has her Masters in Health Promotion and her credentials include Certified Health Education Specialist, Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist, Wholistic Stress Management, CDC Work@Health Certified Trainer, and Zumba instructor. Danielle is a partner with the City of New Orleans’ Fit NOLA Initiative and leads a team of fitness professionals. Almost 15 years experience includes business development for the healthcare staffing industry, fitness center management, grant writing, school health, and community wellness. As a health educator, program administrator, implementation strategist, and coach, she helps individuals and organizations realize their wellness goals.


Just 15% of Louisiana residents meet minimum recommendations for physical activity, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Employer organizations are also facing a crisis of health, with concerns related to insurance costs, employee health issues, productivity and retention issues, and high stress.


400 community fitness classes organized and led for the benefit of 2,500 participants as part of Fit NOLA Parks, Louisiana Public Health Institute, Whole Foods Market, and Ashe Cultural Arts Center.


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