The Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans

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The Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans is an interdisciplinary community of practice, bringing together engineers, landscape architects, scientists, teachers, planners and community leaders to confront the challenge of “living with water” in Southeast Louisiana.

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Nathan Lott & Talia Latch

Nathan Lott & Talia Latch

The Entrepreneur

Nathan Lott (Director)
As director of the Water Collaborative, Nathan Lott manages monthly working groups, organizes educational tours and workshops, and helps the organization grow its reach and effectiveness. Before joining the Water Collaborative in 2015, Nathan was executive director of Virginia Conservation Network; in that role he helped launch the six-state Choose Clean Water coalition. Nathan received his master’s from Tulane School of Architecture, where his studies focused on climate change and resilience at historic places.

Talia Latch (Program Coordinator)
Talia serves as program coordinator for the Water Collaborative through a partnership with Tulane Center for Public Service and Americorps. Talia received her bachelor’s in environmental science from Tulane and studied ecotourism and international development in Thailand.


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