The Mastectomy Boutique

The Pitch

The Mastectomy Boutique is a New Orleans-based, specialty healthcare boutique that caters to the needs of those surviving breast cancer after mastectomy surgery, while also educating expecting mothers and addressing women’s health issues and disparities.

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Dr. Iisha K. Bailey

Dr. Iisha K. Bailey

The Entrepreneur

Dr. Iisha K. Bailey
Dr. Iisha K. Bailey is a New Orleans native and the founder/CEO of The Mastectomy Boutique. She earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy and has nearly 12 years of experience as a licensed pharmacist, clinical trainer, and preceptor mentor. Dr. Iisha K. Bailey has nearly two decades of customer service skills, a decade of retail management experience, and experience as a trained mastectomy fitter. After a considerable amount of thought, prayers, faith, the desire to care for others, and investing from her personal savings; she was motivated to fulfill the need of a catered healthcare boutique for breast cancer care and awareness in the Greater New Orleans area. In 2016, four of her love ones were impacted by cancer (breast, pancreatic, skin, and colon) and since then have ended their journey. The hardest hit for Dr. Bailey was the death of her nephew, who was a victim to gun violence in 2016. The death of her nephew and loved ones has become one of the driving forces in her life and has inspired her to create awareness on breast cancer/health, healthcare disparities, and the effects of gun violence on surrounding communities. Dr. Iisha K. Bailey works to meet healthcare needs, oversee the vision, deliver the message, educate and carry out The Mastectomy Boutique’s God-given mission.


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