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Teaching the community how to reform the criminal justice system through the jury box, the Juror Project focuses on increasing the diversity of jury panels in order to increase the fairness of the criminal justice process.


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The Juror Project
William Snowden

William Snowden

The Entrepreneur

William Snowden (Founder)
In 2013, William Snowden chose to be a public defender in New Orleans, LA, because it is the prison capital of the world. In his words, “they’re simply locking up too many black people and people of color, and the majority of these people are poor.” As a felony trial attorney, William witnesses the discriminatory practices removing jurors from the jury panel. To combat these practices, William founded The Juror Project to increase the diversity of jury panels, improve people’s perspective of jury duty, and educate the community how the criminal justice system is currently working. Most recently, William was a practitioner-in-residence at UC Berkeley Law School in the Spring of 2017.


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