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A New Orleans Faith-Based Health and Wellness Clinic providing health screenings, food programs, and health education to marginalized individuals and their caretakers.

Warren Lattimore

Warren Lattimore

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Warren Lattimore (Founder)
Rev. Warren Lattimore serves as the pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, in the Seventh Ward, where he has served as the host of the Black Churchmen Conference as well as last year’s LCMS National Youth Gathering. Within New Orleans, Warren serves on the Board of Directors of LINCNewOrleans and Christian Families United for Progress. Outside New Orleans, Warren serves on the Black Ministry Advisory Council, the Executive Committee of the Black Clergy Caucus of the Lutheran Church. In his free time, Warren enjoys listening to live music at the Jazz Market, playing tennis in City Park, and attending art exhibits at NOMA, Ogden, and McKenna.


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