Soule Cafe

The Pitch

Soulé Nola provides healthy family dining options for individuals with varying food restrictions. Vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters are all welcome into their space and provided delicious meals with locally sourced ingredients. Soulé offers a diversity of food types so that plant-based eaters don’t have to give up eating comfort food or aren’t misled about the meals they are eating. Soulé Nola dedicates themselves to making sure that menu items aren’t limiting for those with food restrictions, but rather welcoming.

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Kina Bullock

Kina Bullock

The Entrepreneur

Kina Bullock, a native of Chicago, Illinois is a business owner and entrepreneur with over 25 successful years of experience in the music, entertainment and food service industries. She channeled her interest and commitment to the music industry by opening K’s Musik Stores – a chain of groundbreaking urban retail music stores that were located throughout the Chicagoland area. She utilized her skills and talents in coordinating and hosting many large scale industry events.

As owner of Soulé Café located in Mid City, Kina opened in 2019 and created a family style dining concept known as ‘Vegan and Friends’. With the recipes, advice and hard work of her mother and daughter Kelli, three generations of strong black women are trailblazing the local restaurant industry. Earlier this year she opened a second location in Arabi called Soulé 2 Geaux offering the same amazing concept in the Saint Bernard Parish.


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