Phoenix Project NOLA

The Pitch

Phoenix Project NOLA works to increase job opportunities and affordable housing in the city of New Orleans by creating a community where people receive financial wellness education, career readiness, and job placement. Phoenix Project Nola is made of three programs: the education program is a course that takes participants through financial wellness, career prep, and homebuyer tools, with completion of the program participants will be matched with a job best suited for them, the tiny house program focuses on building tiny homes for participants to rent and the 3rd program is a year-long work internship.

Erin Teresa Marrero-Savoie

Erin Teresa Marrero-Savoie

The Entrepreneur

Erin Marrero-Savoie is a native of New Orleans who has experience working in education, recruitment, and hospitality in New Orleans since 2011. She received her MBA from Tulane University with a concentration in global management. Her passion to help others obtain affordable homes and become homeowners comes from years of watching her mother work in homeless prevention in New Orleans during the mid-‘90s. Understanding the importance of the pre-work and education that goes into homeownership as well as the importance of building generational wealth and having a “village” to support you during the process of searching for employment and becoming a homeowner, Erin hopes to provide that village and support to participants of Phoenix Project NOLA. With an undergrad in economics from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, she understands the ever-changing economy of the city and hopes to provide education and skills to participants, setting them up as homeowners knowledgeable about the challenges of a changing city.


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