Orleans Resource Center, LLC

The Pitch

Developing, building and marketing patented products, including a drag net designed to contain and collect water-borne oiled debris, tar balls, and thin oil sheens. The net enhances mechanical methods of oil spill cleanup in order to protect aquatic life, wild life, plants, and coastal areas.

William Belisle, Ph. D.

William Belisle, Ph. D.

The Entrepreneur

William Belisle, Ph. D. (Owner, Chief Science Officer)
Dr. William Belisle is the owner and Chief Science Officer for Orleans Resource Center, LLC and his education background includes a B.S. in Chemistry, a M.S. in Environmental Chemistry and a Ph. D. in Soil Science (organic chemical transport). His work experience includes positions as Director for Grants and Sponsored Programs, Director for Research and Strategic Initiatives, Geo-optical Physicist Research Faculty, Environmental Engineer. He has received seven (7) patents from the USPTO as a Pro Se patent application inventor and has numerous major and minor research and grant publications. He has received leadership training from as a W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the National Association for Equal Opportunity Leadership Fellow and he has also held internships and fellowships at Battelle National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory. Dr. Belisle has taught various levels of grant writing courses, is a Certified Grants Consultant and is a member of professional research administration, sponsored programs and national organizations.


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