NO Hunger NOLA

The Pitch

NO Hunger NOLA unites the fight against food waste and hunger by increasing access to healthy, affordable canned goods from recovered produce including pickles, preserves, and kimchis, driving nutritional literacy, and fostering community empowerment.

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Alyssa Hernandez

Alyssa Hernandez

The Entrepreneur

Alyssa Hernandez is the founder of NO Hunger NOLA. As the sole founding member of No Hunger NOLA, Alyssa has refined the concept of a food-waste redistribution model over many years and specialties; from more than a decade in the hospitality industry to over five years in economics academia, her personal experiences with hunger have shaped her interests and unique professional direction. As a master’s student at Tulane, she has focused her research on food access issues in New Orleans, while her entrepreneurial successes have empowered her to help tackle nutritional inequities on both a local and systemic level.


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