Martin Ecosystems

The Pitch

Martin Ecosystems is an environmental technology company that manufactures and supplies BioHaven® Floating Technology and EcoShield™. Their products provide cost-effective solutions for a variety of environmental challenges including stormwater and wastewater treatment, shoreline protection, and habitat restoration.

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Martin Ecosystems
Nicole Waguespack

Nicole Waguespack

The Entrepreneur

Martin Ecosystems was founded with a desire to protect and restore the Louisiana coast, and Nicole has been a partner in the company since its beginning in 2008. A graduate of Louisiana State University, Nicole’s science background allows insight into how Martin Ecosystems products work, as well as what it takes to bring them to market. She has been instrumental in expanding the product lines into new markets, including shoreline protection, wastewater and stormwater treatment. It is her hope that Martin Ecosystems products will provide her children the opportunity to grow up experiencing the remarkable beauty of the Louisiana Coast, just as she did.


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