Mandela Burger

The Pitch

The MANDELA BURGER is a signature hand-crafted vegan burger, 100% soy and gluten-free prepared with all organic beans & whole food produce. The Mandela Burger company does not seek to mimic meat, but stays true to form: flavorful while leaving the customer in awe after a delightfully tasteful experience of the patty. Given the movement toward healthy plant-based food choices, the company has instituted a product model enabling the placement of the MANDELA BURGER in the nooks and crannies of the city, region and country, thereby making them accessible to customers nationwide.

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Ogban Okpo, April Okpo

Ogban Okpo, April Okpo

The Entrepreneur

Ogban Okpo, a graduate of Theatre Arts and Mass Communication from the University of Jos is the founder and co-owner of Tanjariné Kitchen. He is the creator of The Mandela Burger. Before venturing into business, he spent nine years working as an administrative officer in a government tourism development corporation where he realized the employee life wasn’t for him. Accordingly, and thereafter, he went on to establish an ethnic television company called Gamzaki Channel. He has invested in the food service business, publishing, tourism consulting business concerns.

April Okpo, is the wife of Mr. Ogban Okpo and co-owner of Tanjariné Kitchen. In her previous work experience as an Education and Non-Profit administrator, she has held leadership roles in business finance & operations with a keen interest in establishing system driven processes while improving efficiency in organizations. As a native of New Orleans, she believes entrepreneurship can provide unique experiences for all who seek to create opportunities for their communities. She is an event planner and has developed a special knack in developing strong community relationships.


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