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Magnolia Yoga Studio is minority owned and operated business promoting health and wellness through affordable beginning yoga classes to a diverse population in downtown New Orleans.

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Adrianne Jackson

Adrianne Jackson

The Entrepreneur

Adrianne Jackson (Founder)
Ajax considers herself a “Yoga Concierge” at Magnolia Yoga, she is also the owner, visionary and lead teacher. Her main purpose is to help facilitate your hot yoga experience & your yoga dreams!

Ajax is of mixed heritage—Spanish & African-American and ultimately considers herself a modern-day woman of the world. She has an extensive background in Arts Education, a degree from the University of Southern California in Cultural Anthropology and much experience in the non-profit sector along with having traveled to 20+ countries around the world finding her purpose and place within it.

Ajax loves New Orleans for the music, culture and people and feels an ancestral connection to NOLA and therefore is happy to live, serve and enjoy this mecca of culture & celebration.

Early on Ajax felt the calling for teaching yoga and has taught for 9 years straight almost every day since becoming certified! She believes, “when you are fortunate enough to find what you were born to do in life, putting in the effort to study, learn and seek knowledge and understanding is an honor and pleasure!” Her passion for life, people and yoga is apparent and her vibrant energy is contagious.

Ajax teaches from experience having practiced yoga for 13 years consistently. She has used the healing art form to quit smoking, manage her weight, improve her relationship to self and with family, reduce severe joint pain in her knees, eliminate her asthma condition, migraines, reduce her annual bouts of bronchitis and strengthen her resolve and confidence.

One of her best attributes is helping people feel comfortable and welcomed. Ajax is also a great example of how to use yoga to fulfill a robust active and balanced lifestyle, as you will often find her teaching yoga, practicing yoga, socializing, resting, reading, cooking, studying, volunteering, networking, planning, dining out, enjoying live music, traveling, swimming, writing, dancing and living life to its fullest!

She believes in the human potential and her commitment to people’s health and wellness is what gets her out of bed everyday. We have no doubt you will feel the Ajax effect and love it!


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