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A data visualization design studio inspiring public engagement around environmental issues from local water quality to global change by transforming complex datasets into compelling visual narratives.


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Landscape Metrics
Benjamin Wellington & Matthew Seibert

Benjamin Wellington & Matthew Seibert

The Entrepreneur

Benjamin Wellington (Principal, Co-Founder)
Benjamin Wellington is a principal and co-founder of Landscape Metrics. The company’s technical lead, he directs the development of interactive web-based work and GIS analyses. Through his academic and professional work, Benjamin has come to see geospatial data visualization as a creative endeavor capable of powerfully shaping our perception and experience of place. His interests in data and design, and in the ability of data visualization to inform how we modify the built and natural environments, have driven his past work as an urban planner, writer, and landscape designer. Benjamin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geographical Studies from the University of Chicago and a Master of Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University.


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