Kid’s Kingdom Academy

The Pitch

Kid’s Kingdom Academy and Daycare provides high-quality developmentally appropriate programming in a safe, loving and nurturing environment that fosters the unique identities and personalities of all children in their care. Kid’s Kingdom promotes active learning and provides support for the development of the whole child.

Lynnette Rivers

Lynnette Rivers

The Entrepreneur

Lynette Marie Rivers is the Director of Kid’s Kingdom Academy and Daycare. She has over 25 years of experience working in early childhood education. Lynette spent several years teaching middle school and high school students. She has a Bachelor of Science, Childhood Development Association (CDA) certification and ancillary credentials in the infant-toddler setting, has partnered with several early childhood organizations, served on a Director’s Advisory Group for City Seats families, and has participated in both the 4PXP Business Coaching Program and LELA (Louisiana Early Learners Academy). She continues to support her staff with onsite training and has been an instrumental source of support for the families that she serves.


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