J&C Marks Enterprise

The Pitch

J&C Marks is an integrated service provider specializing in residential and commercial construction, and real estate development. They provide drywall, painting, flooring, roofing, concrete, electrical and millwork. They also serve clients through real estate investments including short, mid, and long-term rentals.

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Jay and Chabry Marks

Jay and Chabry Marks

The Entrepreneur

Jay Marks, co-founder of J&C Marks Enterprise, has always loved watching homes and commercial buildings get built up from the ground up. He started his career in real estate and the construction industry by buying distressed properties and renovating them in low income areas. After 17 years of coaching collegiate sports, Jay decided to pursue his passion to become a general contractor and real estate developer and started helping build up his childhood community.

Throughout the years, Jay honed his skills as a contractor and received his license for pervious concrete and several construction safety certifications. He holds an MBA from Louisiana State University of Shreveport, a Master’s from Georgia Southern University, and a Bachelor’s from Nicholls State University. Jay has attained his Commercial General Contractor license and is also the preferred contractor with Owens Cornings and GAF roofing manufacturers. Jay’s passions are weight training and cooking. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Chabry, daughter, Madisyn and their son, Jayden.

Chabry Marks, co-founder of J&C Marks Enterprise, has always been intrigued by numbers and people. Her creative side allows her to design and coordinate color schemes well. She loves conducting research to determine how J&C Marks Enterprise can give back to the community through their business development, construction, and design. She started her career in real estate and construction by buying distressed properties in impoverished areas and transforming them into eye-catching dwellings that anyone would want to live in.

Throughout the years, Chabry has been a part of many areas of facility management. She has experience with mergers and acquisitions, project management, interior design, finance, operations, contract management and safety/regulatory. She has many years of leadership experience and holds several degrees including a Master of Business Administration from Louisiana State University Shreveport, a Master of Nursing Education from Western Governors University, and a Bachelor of Nursing from Nicholls State University.

Chabry’s hobbies are cooking and traveling and she is also passionate about helping others. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, especially her husband Jay, her son Jayden, and daughter Madisyn.


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