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Greenman Dan is committed to protecting and enriching communities impacted by storm water runoff, with landscaping and rain water management systems that welcome every rain drop.

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Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson

The Entrepreneur

Dan Johnson
Dan serves as executive director of Greenman Dan, Inc. Johnson has over fifteen years of professional experience in the landscape construction industry. His projects include designing, installing and maintaining the landscapes and irrigation systems of over 140 homes built by Project Home Again; providing LEED certified landscaping and irrigation for 5 buildings; construction of 1000 gallon rainwater containment system for the purpose of landscape irrigation and the reduction of storm water runoff.


New Orleans receives about 64 inches of rain each year, straining the city’s drainage pumps, and causing repeated urban street flooding, land subsidence, and high costs for the City, homeowners, and businesses alike. Changes to the City’s Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) require the majority of developers and property owners of new commercial construction and owners of large multiunit residential properties to contain the first inch and a quarter of rainfall at each rain event.


  • 1.5 million+ projected gallons of water annually retained on site and kept from storm drains through current contracts.
  • 2 rainwater management contracts with New Orleans Redevelopment Authority
  • Featured on CNN Money
  • Community park installed, including an exercise walking path and a bio-retention cell that captures over 250,000 gallons of stormwater runoff each year.


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