Greek Girls Rice Pudding

The Pitch

A ready-to-enjoy, authentically Greek treat that merges an ancient family recipe with Louisiana-sourced ingredients.


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Greek Girls Rice Pudding
Artemis Antippas

Artemis Antippas

The Entrepreneur

Artemis Antippas (Owner, founder)
Artemis Antippas, a native of New Orleans, is the owner and founder of Greek Girls Rice Pudding. In 2016, Artemis started preparing, packaging and selling her family’s delicious rice pudding, a recipe that has been passed down in her family for over 150 years! With all of the determination and passion in the world, and not an ounce of culinary expertise, it wasn’t long before Artemis placed Greek Girls Rice Pudding on retail shelves throughout New Orleans. Now her rice pudding can be found in over twenty wonderful and diverse food establishments around the city, and will soon be available at both Whole Foods and Rouses in the Fall of 2017. By sourcing most of the recipe’s ingredients locally in Louisiana, Greek Girls Rice Pudding is truly the beautiful merging of both her Louisiana and Greek backgrounds, two cultures known and adored for their cuisine. Artemis received her BA in Art History and Communications from American University in Washington, DC and is a nationally exhibiting visual artist.


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