Gravel Road Builders and Construction Services

The Pitch

Gravel Road Builders is a licensed and certified construction company that offers general contracting, construction project management, historic restoration, and stormwater management services.

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Travis Banks

Travis Banks

The Entrepreneur

Travis Banks possesses over 25+ years of experience that began during his youth. He was mentored by his father on several residential and commercial projects that extended the family’s legacy of building Louisiana. By the mid-1990s, Travis was responsible for the supervision of project activities including the planning and physical construction of buildings. Travis holds a Masters degree and Post bachelor’s in Construction Management from Louisiana State University, Bachelor’s degree in business from Southern University at New Orleans, and an Associate‚Äôs degree in Architecture from Delgado Community College. After reviewing genealogical evidence, Travis learned that his 3rd great grandfather, John Brown was an engineer and his 2nd great grandfather William Brown was a carpenter. After learning this information, Travis wanted to honor his ancestors’ contributions to the building of Louisiana and named his company after the street that his ancestors last resided. Travis Banks opened Gravel Road Builders & Construction Services, LLC (GRBCS) in 2016.


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