Good Citizen

The Pitch

Good Citizen provides support in developing structures and executing strategies to identify and engage key stakeholder groups in support of public education. Our mission is to create a value added relationship between the school and the community in order to achieve accountability, programmatic support and resource development.

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Nolan Marshall, Jr. & Nolan Marshall III

Nolan Marshall, Jr. & Nolan Marshall III

The Entrepreneur

Nolan Marshall III founded Good Citizen in 2010, as a way to “galvanize support for Charter Schools.” Prior to launching Good Citizen, Nolan served three years as the associate director of nonprofit civic group Common Good, where he started Court Watch TV, an initiative to monitor the “behavior, performance and consistency” of judges, district attorneys and prosecuting attorneys, the results of which were publicly released. Nolan also served as President of The Young Leadership Council and was named one of Gambit’s “40 Under 40.”


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