Gloria’s Garden

The Pitch

Gloria’s Garden is located in the historic Tremé at 1617 Dumaine St. in New Orleans, LA led by Ms. Glory Ward. Ms. Glory offers unique opportunities for local New Orleans children through gardening, cooking, sewing, jewelry, music, yoga and meditation classes. Her non-profit, Developing Young Entrepreneurs provides youth (ages 6-25) with entrepreneurial skills, creating space and vending opportunities, organizing plays, and securing a safe space for all people to feel free to be themselves. Her courtyard is open for diverse events like concerts, women’s circles, movie nights, and more.

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Gloria Ward

Gloria Ward

The Entrepreneur

Gloria Ward runs Gloria’s Garden, a free community garden that provides fresh produce, arts programming, and youth education. Prior to starting Gloria’s Garden, Gloria was a fashion designer, working with such luminaries as Miles Davis, Marlene Shaw, Nancy Wilson, Teddy Pendergrass, and many more.


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