The Pitch

Fressence is a catering company that highlights bright, light cuisine by bringing fruits and vegetables to the forefront of their culinary creations. Their flagship French Market fruit and juice stand gave way to their commissary kitchen that creates balanced meals designed to refresh the body and mind.

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Zak Khanboubi

Zak Khanboubi

The Entrepreneur

Zak Khanboubi is a culinarian who envisioned Fressence while working in the restaurant industry during college. Upon earning his Bachelor’s in Business Management from the University of New Orleans, Zak enrolled in culinary school in the south of France, a program that culminated in an externship in a Michelin rated restaurant and helped build the foundation for the journey to come. The return stateside included stops in fine-dining kitchens of New Orleans and along the east coast, from New York City to the Florida Keys over the course of his eight years of professional cooking. In 2017, enlightened by the vast array of fruits and vegetables of the Floribbean, Zak decided to come home and open his own fruit and juice stand: Fressence. From there, Zak has merged his affinity for light ingredients with bold, savory flavors to also offer his signature dishes through the company’s catering service. Fressence remains available year round at the French Market, on site deliveries, as well as off-site events such as this year’s Wednesday at The Square series at Lafayette Square.


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