The Pitch

FOWLMOUTH is a New Orleans-based kitchen whose flavors spotlight the chinchoorros, or beachside food and drink kiosks, of Puerto Rico. FOWLMOUTH adores the simple and vibrant flavor profiles that characterize this subset of Puerto Rican cuisine and specialize in grilled preparations and pair this idea with a touch of southern flavors and Japanese culinary curiosity to bring you modern Puerto Rican street food.


Ozzie Mendoza

Ozzie Mendoza

The Entrepreneur

Ozzie originally came to New Orleans on a trip for work as a cafe consultant with a dream to one day operate his own space. After having experienced the familiar Caribbean culture and seeing the many ways in which street cooks make a name for themselves, he decided to become a part of the mix. Some 4 years later, his proven record in sales, marketing, COGS development and more have set him apart from your average street cook, as he has since “graduated” from the street now operating his venture inside the walls at Lost Love Lounge. Ozzie’s ultimate goal is to shine light on a long standing perspective of the American identity which he believes is often overlooked–that of the Puerto Rican.


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