Flourish Horticulture and Landscapes

The Pitch

Flourish Horticulture and Landscapes is a bio-friendly and sustainable lawn, garden, and landscape construction company. Flourish employs soil remediation practices to deliver evidence-based environmental lawn care and ornamental gardens that support ecosystems. Flourish also uses sustainable landscape construction that reduces the quantity of stormwater from impervious areas such as parking lots, roads, driveways, walkways. The company builds designs that integrate into surrounding ecology to enhance a site’s sustainability. Their lawn maintenance program uses battery equipment, and their fertilizers, pest and weed controls are non-toxic.

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Fabian Harper

Fabian Harper

The Entrepreneur

Fabian Harper is a graduate of Baton Rouge Community College with a degree in horticulture. Fabian is a licensed landscape contractor, graduate of LaunchNOLA Green Academy, and winner of the 2022 Water Challenge.


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