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A student transportation consulting agency providing comprehensive reviews and recommendations to improve service and profitability of the transportation programs offered by school networks, individual schools, and third party school bus companies.


Alfred Matthews III, Jared Bluford

Alfred Matthews III, Jared Bluford

The Entrepreneur

Alfred Matthews III
Alfred Matthews III is a 34-year-old transportation fanatic. Alfred started his transportation career out as a bus monitor. Soon, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father he moved on to become a bus driver. Shortly after, Alfred purchased his own bus and became an owner operator. You may know it as, “The Yellow Magic Bus”. After a few years of driving his own bus he became a safety instructor at Hammond’s Transportation, later heading the safety department. Shortly after, he was promoted to a Field Supervisor position. Now Alfred holds the title of Director of Transportation at Arise Schools here in New Orleans Louisiana.

Jared Bluford
Jared Bluford is a 32-year-old IT Director in New Orleans. After leaving retail in 2013, Jared started his career in Information Technology and Transportation and has used his expertise to bring a methodical, formulaic approach to the transportation industry. Shortly after starting this career, Jared began his own transportation business using the knowledge gained during his tenure as the IT Director. Jared is currently still an IT Director, routing consultant and entrepreneur.


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