Element Beverage Company

The Pitch

Element Beverage Company was created by Devin Espadron in 2016 in the City of New Orleans. Element manufactures and retails premium, all natural fruit flavored lemonades to supermarkets, restaurants, convenient stores and local food festivals in New Orleans and six surrounding parishes. In March 2022, Element landed a beverage distribution deal with Southern Eagle Beverage Distributors. Their mission is to influence and empower the world to step out of their “Element,” taste their dreams and achieve their true potential.

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Keishia Deverney

Keishia Deverney

The Entrepreneur

Keishia Deverney is the mother of Devin Espadron and the current owner of Element Beverage Company. Keishia worked as a Registered Nurse for many years prior to inheriting the challenges and demands of owning and operating a beverage company. Keishia’s years of experience with working in the community both in the public and private healthcare sectors, made her transition to CEO of Element Beverages surprisingly easy. Keishia turned her tragedy of losing her son, Devin, to senseless gun violence into victory by keeping Devin’s legacy alive and thriving. Keishia also founded the Devin Espadron Entrepreneurship Give Back Foundation.


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