Delta Flora Native Plants

The Pitch

Delta Flora grows and sells plants that are native to Southeast Louisiana for planting in landscapes and gardens.

Lees Hopkins

Lees Hopkins

The Entrepreneur

Lees Hopkins is a native New Orleanian passionate about plants and ecological gardening. They have worked as a horticulturist in different settings, including organic vegetable farming, commercial and residential landscaping, and community gardens. While working as a gardener at Longue Vue House and Gardens, Lees came to appreciate the unique beauty of the plants native to our area. Lees is a member of the Native Plant Initiative of GNO and is a Water Wise Neighborhood Champion. In addition to working to advance the availability of native plants in New Orleans, Lees is currently a master’s student at UNO, studying to be a mental health counselor with the goal of providing nature-integrated counseling and coaching in therapeutic gardening.


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