Delta Builds

The Pitch

Delta Builds seeks to establish a glass recycling operation in New Orleans by collecting and pulverizing glass into sand and gravel. Recycled glass products can be sold for use in stormwater management, road construction and manufacturing household products such as countertops, Mardi Gras beads and new glass bottles. Delta Builds’ ethos is centered around social, racial and environmental justice for all people.

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Dr. Dorothy Nairne

Dr. Dorothy Nairne

The Entrepreneur

In 1998, Dr. Dorothy Nairne took a sabbatical from racism in the US. The mission was simple: raise her 3 children in a country with Black people on the money. She raves about having the best job with the University of Michigan operating a study on sex work and HIV in South Africa. Interviews with thousands of women, all wanting stable jobs, haunt her to this day. Fast forward 23 years, her adult children have melodic accents and are all in the U.S. Dorothy’s inner entrepreneur is fully ignited in Louisiana as she establishes her company Delta Builds into the premier supplier of eco-friendly building materials, starting with glass. It is still all about creating decent jobs, Black wealth and sustaining planet earth.


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