Coastal Waters Workforce

The Pitch

Coastal Waters Workforce strengthens workforce development by certifying high school students with skilled jobs in the water sector.

Christina Quijano

Christina Quijano

The Entrepreneur

Christina graduated from the University of New Orleans with a BS in Earth and Environmental Science. While in college, Christina worked as a Geology Trainee for Minerals Management Service, now Bureau of Ocean Energy Management assisting with Gulf of Mexico lease sales. Upon graduating, she took a break from geology to work at under performing schools in Orleans and Jefferson parish. While teaching, Christina engaged students in Science and Mathematics while preparing them for standardized test. In recent years, Christina has dedicated her career to training young adults for careers in environmental technology and wetland restoration.


During the course of the Startup Accelerator Program, Coastal Waters Workforce focused on customer discovery and their business model. The venture secured one school as their pilot program that’s due to begin in January 2016, and is in conversations with several schools about including Coastal Waters Workforce training as an after-school program. CWW will continue to work with both schools and water management and safety organizations to ensure that their students are fully prepared for jobs in the water management and safety industry. A full roll out of the program is expected to begin Fall 2016.


2015 Startup Ventures




Before applying to the program, all I had was an idea. I had no clue how to turn it into a business. Since being part of the Accelerator program, the idea I had in my head for so long is now an actual program that will benefit youth in the coming years.

Christina Quijano
Founder, Coastal Waters Workforce (Ventures 2015)