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A non-profit organization providing technical assistance, economic development, social services, and disaster recovery services to rural entrepreneurs and their families.


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Coastal Communities Consulting (CCC)
Sandy Nguyen, Cristina Duong & Katrina Williams

Sandy Nguyen, Cristina Duong & Katrina Williams

The Entrepreneur

Sandy Nguyen (Executive Director)
Sandy Nguyen, executive director, has worked with the commercial fishing industry since 1992, helping more than 1,500 families and businesses in rural communities across the state. She has an intimate knowledge of the fishing industry and the communities that sustain it. Sandy has worked extensively with government agencies, nonprofits, and universities, to provide new technologies to help businesses become more efficient and profitable. Mrs. Nguyen also has helped provide seminars, training, and individual counseling to people with limited-English or education. Mrs. Nguyen is a graduate of the Tulane School of Business and a proud resident of New Orleans East. Daughter of a commercial fisherman, she is owner of a commercial fishing business with her husband, Phuoc (Michael) Nguyen.

Cristina Duong (Senior Technical Assistance Coordinator)
Cristina Duong has been with Coastal Communities Consulting, Inc. since August 2011. She is the Senior Technical Assistance Coordinator, provides a full range of technical assistance services in relation to our core programs. She graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Community Services. Cristina is multilingual in Cambodian, Vietnamese, and English and works with Louisiana’s ethnically diverse community of socially-disadvantaged agricultural producers.

Katrina Williams (Program Staff Assistant)
As a Program Staff Assistant at Coastal Communities Consulting, Inc., Katrina Williams is primarily responsible for teaching adult immigrant students the basic fundamentals of the English language through a 12-weeks ESL (English as a Second Language). However, her responsibilities also include, but are not limited to, assisting clients gain access to a plethora of social services, provide hands-on computer literacy training, preparing immigrant clients for US citizenship status and assisting with limited business planning procedures. As CCC continues to expand, Katrina will be able to assist clients with other needs that coincide with both the organization’s and the client’s needs. Katrina received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of New Orleans and is currently pursuing her Master of Arts from her alma mater majoring in Romance Languages.


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