Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

The Pitch

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana’s Oyster Shell Recycling Program collects discarded oyster shells from restaurants to be used as a tool to protect the coast and regenerate local oyster populations.


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Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
Deborah Visco Abibou

Deborah Visco Abibou

The Entrepreneur

Deborah Visco Abibou, PhD (Restoration Programs Director)
Deb leads CRCL’s Volunteer Habitat Restoration Program and our Oyster Shell Recycling Program. She joined CRCL in 2015 and is a broadly trained ecologist. She earned a PhD from Tulane University. Originally from New York, she received her BS in Environmental Biology from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in 2006 and gained ecology/conservation experience in Dominica (West Indies), Australia, California, and New Hampshire before beginning her graduate studies in New Orleans. She has managed multiple projects, secured funding, directed field crews, authored papers, and taught science at all levels. Most recently, she has served as Lead Bird Bander and Programming Director with the Woodlands Conservancy in Belle Chasse.


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