Bright Side Oysters

The Pitch

Bright Side Oysters grows and sells premium quality oysters year round through “off-bottom cultivation,” a technique that allows for multiple crops per year and less damage, which results in a higher yield.

Nathan Herring

Nathan Herring

The Entrepreneur

Nathan Herring
Nathan Herring grew up with a fish tank next to his bed and a curiosity for the aquatic environment. In college, he studied Wildlife and Fisheries Science with a focus on Aquaculture and worked in the food industry. Every summer, he found a way to work or study close to the water such as taking classes and doing an internship at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab, cleaning up after the BP oil spill, and volunteering in the conservation field. After school, he worked for the NYC Parks department with the Million Trees Initiative where he was a Forestry Restoration Technician. There he gained an appreciation for ecosystem conservation work and was introduced to the importance of oysters to the health of marine environments through the Billion Oyster project. After much research and soul searching, he decided that raising oysters is the perfect outlet to satisfy all of his interests, make a positive impact on the marine environment, and to make a living.


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