24 Carrot Garden

The Pitch

24 Carrot Garden is a cooperative garden space in St. Roch where youth can explore entrepreneurship interests through gardening. Youth work to nurture and harvest plants, research ways to cook them, and experiment with creating value-added products. At 24 Carrot Garden, youth divide 100% of produce sales, teaching youth the value of hard work and the basics of financial literacy.

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Angel Chung Cutno, Lauren Barron

Angel Chung Cutno, Lauren Barron

The Entrepreneur

Angel Chung Cutno
Angel Chung Cutno is a Louisiana native and began her teaching career in Houma, LA before moving to California. In California, she gained experience in community organizing and gardening, nonprofits, and developing project-based curriculum. She recently moved back to Louisiana with her husband and became highly involved in her immediate community straight away. In addition to being a Rotary member and leading as a co-director of 24 Carrot Garden, she serves on OPSB‚ District 2 Education Council and works as the “Culture Queen” at New Harmony; a high school focused on passion-based learning through the lens of coastal restoration.

Lauren Barron
Lauren Barron is from Metairie, Louisiana. She studied at Louisiana State University where she received her BFA in graphic design. She has held leadership positions in various forms, including in radio and art collectives. She recently created an artist collective called Creme de la Femme, with its first show including several artists that she curated. She has worked for 24 Carrot Garden for one year and has created partnerships through restaurant and chef connections.


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