In water, Propeller’s Impact Accelerator focuses on supporting entrepreneurs working in the fields of green infrastructure, urban stormwater management, coastal restoration, and native plant cultivation.

Propeller’s Impact Accelerator is sponsored by the Clif Family Foundation, Capital One, Nasdaq, RosaMary Foundation, WK Kellogg Foundation, Baptist Community Ministries.

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Program Eligibility

Eligibility Category: Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management

  • Currently working urban stormwater management or green infrastructure
  • For-profit or nonprofit with earned revenue

Eligibility Category: Coastal Restoration

  • Currently working or seeking to work in coastal restoration
  • For-profit or nonprofit with earned revenue

Eligibility Category: Native Plant Cultivation

  • For-profit or nonprofit with earned revenue
  • Priority: increasing supply of native plants to be used in green infrastructure projects

Success Story

Flourish Horticulture and Landscapes

Flourish Horticulture and Landscapes

“Before Propeller, I had a business, but I operated it in more of a lackadaisical way. Ebbs and flows, I was always reactionary. But because of Propeller, I am now thinking more like a CEO or a CFO in terms of business management, instead of just being reactionary in my business.”

-Fabian Harper, Flourish Landscapes 

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