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PitchNOLA to target health disparities

New Orleans CityBusiness 20 February 2014

Propeller’s upcoming PitchNOLA competition will focus on businesses developing health and fitness products. Sponsored by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the competition will award $10,000 in startup funding and technical assistance toward reducing health disparities, such as the high obesity and HIV/ AIDS rates, in New Orleans.


Wannabe Social Entrepreneur? How to Navigate the Growing World of Impact Accelerators

Entrepreneur 20 November 2013

New Orleans accelerator, Propeller, for example, leverages its local and national policy expertise to help entrepreneurs make an impact on their local community. “Every one of our fellows hits a policy challenge at some point, and we have the resources to support them,” explains Andrea Chen, Propeller’s executive director. “We believe that for social change to happen, grassroots entrepreneurs and policy need to align.”

Creators of social campaigns will take their ideas into competition at PitchNOLA on Tuesday

The Times-Picayune 18 November 2013

Ten ventures seeking to address social causes will vie for prize money at the annual PitchNOLA contest Tuesday in the Freeman Auditorium at Tulane University. The event, produced by the university and the Propeller entrepreneurship incubator, includes a $5,000 prize awarded by a panel of judges after hearing a series of idea pitches and an “audience favorite” prize set by a vote and cash donations from attendees.

Using contests to rehabilitate vacant lots

Center for Community Progress 5 September 2013

In the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, David Young had been running his Capstone Community Gardens for three years before he heard about the city’s PitchNOLA 2012: Lots of Progress competition. Young supplies free food from the Gardens to a dozen families in what he describes as a post-Katrina “food desert,” but had received many calls for fruit. Lots of Progress awarded him first place, including his choice of two among 49 lots controlled by the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) to plant an orchard of 30-plus fruit trees: oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, bananas and figs.

NORA-Funded Building is New Home for Propeller Incubator

NORA Newsletter 26 August 2013

“As a part of our mission to celebrate and revitalize New Orleans’ neighborhoods with catalytic public investments, NORA has helped fund[…] the renovations of several key buildings near the intersection of Washington and Broad. Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation is one of the newest neighbors in the Broadmoor Community, with its new offices at 4035 Washington Avenue. Propeller is a resource for upstart businesses—particularly nonprofit and socially-minded companies— to help them to achieve organizational and financial stability.”

Shared Kitchen in Shreveport Creates Some NOLA Buzz

Eater NOLA 26 July 2013

Today in the annals of intriguing ideas, let us all get more acquainted with the Shreveport-Bossier City Kitchen Incubator, a Kickstarter project proposed by a nonprofit shared workspace called Cohab. Cohab, much like Propeller and Beta in New Orleans, offers nascent entrepreneurs and start-up companies office space…

Latin American business students counseled New Orleans start-ups through Capital One-Tulane partners 26 July 2013

A collaboration between Capital One Bank, Tulane University and the Propeller incubator for organizations promoting social causes resulted in business students from Guatemala and Panama counseling New Orleans start-ups on their financial management. The Latin American master’s of finance and management students visited last week to advise Propeller itself and some of its tenants.

BioFund reaches $1 million in small business loans for Hurricane Katrina-impacted parishes 18 July 2013

A low-interest loan program for small businesses called the BioFund and run by the New Orleans BioInnovation Center business incubator has surpassed the mark of issuing $1 million in financing for entrepreneurs. ….. The BioFund’s first beneficiary was the New Orleans maker of the Iconic health drink and a BioInnovation Center tenant, Be Well Nutrition. It went on to help the incubator for socially minded entrepreneurs, Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation, complete its new building in Broadmoor along with Green Coast Enterprises, an environmentally oriented real estate developer. The Propeller building opened in January.

Capital One Partners with Tulane and Propeller, Announces Plan to Help Local Small Businesses

Silicon Bayou News 16 July 2013

Capital One Bank has partnered with Tulane University and Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation to launch a service project benefiting local small businesses in New Orleans. Project organizers have enlisted help from fifty-four international Master of Finance and Management students and a team of eight analysts from Capital One to strategize and create financial solutions for the businesses.

The Rise of the Public Interest Incubator

Next City 10 July 2013

Writer Bill Bradley examines how Incubator models are being used nation-wide for community development. Propeller is listed as an example of a non-profit whose mission is to incubate social entrepreneurs, thereby helping the community in areas of healthy food access and affordable housing.

Applications Now Being Accepted for Propeller’s 2013-2014 Social Venture Accelerator

Silicon Bayou News 18 June 2013

After a successful second year of its Accelerator, Propeller is ready to bring in another 12 to 15 social ventures. To date, Propeller has incubated 21 new ventures (nine the first year and 12 in the last class), which have collectively generated $5.4 million in revenues and created 45 new jobs. The Social Venture Accelerator is a 10-month program designed to create socially-and-community-driven ventures.

Propeller Accepting Applications for Accelerator Program

City Business 12 June 2013

Propeller, the business incubator for social entrepreneurship, is now taking applications for next year’s Social Venture Accelerator. The 10-month program is designed to help socially conscious, for-profit and non-profit startups become operational and financially stable. Propeller accepts between 12 to 15 early stage ventures each year. Article includes the link to apply.

Meet the 12 Propeller Social Venture Accelerator Fellows

Silicon Bayou News 3 June 2013

Propeller recruits between 10 and 15 early-stage ventures each year to participate in the accelerator program. The Propeller Gala, which was held last Thursday evening at the Propeller Incubator, gave this year’s 12 companies a chance to pitch to crowd. Past and present Accelerator companies have propelled job creation, wealth, and scalable social impact. Beyond that, now over 40 organizations and 75 individuals have signed on as members of the Incubator. It’s currently the only coworking space in the city for socially minded businesses.

Out To Lunch With Kind-Hearted Capitalists

89.9 WWNO 3 June 2013

Peter Ricchuiti explores the new business paradigm of cooperation vs. competition on this week’s Out to Lunch with Andrea Chen and Reid Stone. Andrea’s socially conscious business incubator Propeller: A Force For Social Innovation takes an entrepreneur with a good idea and turns it into good for the community. Reid’s marketing company Hero Farm takes those socially conscious businesses out into the world.

Andrea Chen of Propeller: 5 Tips for Launching a Social Venture

OPEN Forum 30 April 2013

Post-Katrina New Orleans is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity for a wide variety of young companies. Co-working organizations like The Idea Village and Launch Pad all contribute to a vibrant ecosystem for startups. Propeller, the latest rising-star accelerator and co-working company, is feeding off this momentum, and serving a fast-growing niche in New Orleans: social entrepreneurs.

Coworking: Is It Just A Fad Or The Future Of Business?

Forbes 25 April 2013

The rise in coworking spaces around the world have left more people yearning for work environments that are collaborative, inspiring, and stimulating. The Propeller Incubator is featured as New Orleans’ only co-working office for socially-minded businesses where peer-to-peer learning and collaboration are the norm.

New Orleans Preparing to Host its First Startup Weekend Business Building Marathon 5 April 2013

In a first-time event for New Orleans, about 50 aspiring entrepreneurs will gather Friday, form teams and spend 54 hours over the weekend molding ideas for new businesses. The event, called Startup Weekend, originated with a non-profit organization in Seattle and has unfolded in almost 500 cities across the country and internationally. The participants will gather Friday night at the Propeller Incubator in Broadmoor.

Business Pitch Contests Booming in New Orleans, But They’re Only an Early Step, Experts Say 29 March 2013

The custom of holding business pitch contests, where entrepreneurs with ideas vie for prizes before audiences and panels of judges, seems to have reached mania levels in New Orleans. Eleven of them unfolded in and around the Entrepreneur Week business festival this month. Propeller’s annual PitchNOLA competition, where community members pitch their ideas for funding and start-up support, is among the competitions offered. Last year $27,500 was given away to six socially- or environmentally-minded ventures.

Propeller to Host Startup Weekend Pitch Event

New Orleans City Business 20 March 2013

Entrepreneurs are invited to participate in a weekend pitch challenge to be held at the Propeller Incubator next month. Startup Weekend events have taken place in cities all over the world as a way to bring entrepreneurs together to pitch ideas and learn the basics of founding startups and launching successful business ventures. The New Orleans event will take place from April 5-7 and is open to designers, developers, marketing strategists and all types of entrepreneurs. Participants will have three days to develop and pitch their ideas. On Friday, they will form teams, their ideas and plan for the rest of weekend. On Saturday, they will meet with coaches from local business incubators to develop their business plan, and on Sunday the entrepreneurs will have to put the finishing touches on their products and presentations. Propellor is based at 4035 Washington Ave., in the Broadmoor neighborhood. For more information visit the event website. Reporter Maria Clark can be reached at

Super Nola: Insider’s tour of New Orleans

Los Angeles Times 1 February 2013

The Superbowl in the middle of Mardi Gras is bringing a steady steam of visitors to New Orleans for four weeks straight. The LA Times gives tourists the run down of how to make their time action packed with the best New Orleans has to offer. Propeller Fellows, Louisiana Lost Lands, is mentioned on page two as a wetlands tour “worth the price.”

Buses to Offer Dental Services

The Advocate 10 January 2013

Smiles2Geaux, a venture in the Propeller Accelerator Program, will offer free dental care to youth and the elderly by bus. The kickoff event of Smiles2Geaux, led by the organization’s founder Dr. Yaye Sarr, and Andrea Chen, Executive Director of Propeller, explained how a mobile dental clinic model will address the staggering rate of untreated cavities in New Orleans. Read Full Article

Incubator for socially minded entrepreneurs launches in New Orleans 4 January 2013

The Propeller Incubator opened its doors on January 2, 2013, to house socially minded startups and small businesses in a co-working office facility. Article covers the contribution and influence of Andrea Chen, Founder and Executive Director of Propeller, in making this new initiative possible, as well as profiling the tenants of the Incubator. Learn more about who Propeller is, the impact it is making, and how.


Ruby Slipper Brings Brunch to Burgundy

NOLA Defender 19 November 2012

Kevin Morgan-Rothschild and Doug Jacobs, Propeller Fellows and co-founders of Aquaponic Modular Production Systems (AMPS), will be providing fresh produce to the kitchen of The Ruby Slipper’s third location, which just opened on the corner of Touro in the Marigny. Owners Eric and Jennifer Weishaupt will support local farms and green-minded projects by partnering with AMPS to receive fresh herbs and tomatoes.

Propeller Shares Pro Bono Impact on A Billion + Change Live Webinar

A Billion + Change 4 September 2012

Recorded Webinar: “Hurricane Katrina Seven Years Later: How Skills-Based Service is Supporting a New Orleans Renaissance.” Guest speakers include Patricia Salas Pineda, VP of Toyota USA Foundation, Zack Rosenburg, Director of St. Bernard Project, Geoff Coats, Principal and Creative Director at Zande + Newman Design and Julia Stewart, Marketing Associate at Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation. Discussion covered how skills-based volunteers are being used to support long-term recovery efforts in communities.

A Look Into America’s Fastest Growing City

Forbes 26 July 2012

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau proves that New Orleans is now the fastest growing city in America. Propeller is highlighted for its “Direction & Leadership” in drawing new talent to the city and helping to launch new environmentally and socially-minded start ups.

End of the Line: Losing Louisiana?

Garden & Gun 1 July 2012

Propeller Fellows, Marie Gould and Lindsay Pick, co-founders of Louisiana Lost Lands Environmental Tours, take Garden & Gun Author, Roy Blount Jr., for an educational outboard catamaran tour of the wetlands. Among the sights seen were fields of irises and tiger lilies, roseate spoonbills, and a “hulking corroded pair of left-behind diesel oil pumps.”

Female entrepreneurs are making an impact in 2012

NolaVIE 10 January 2012

Andrea Chen, Executive Director and founding member of Propeller, has quickly expanded her non-profit over the past few years with the creation of several competitions and programs that help social entrepreneurs grow their financially sustainable, innovative, results-focused ventures. This year, the program will continue to expand with the opening of HUB NOLA.


The 2011 Silicon Bayou 100: Alphabetical 5 December 2011

Propeller has been selected for the 2011 Silicon Bayou 100. These 111 individuals (some are on the list in teams of 2 or 3) were nominated and selected for the 2011 Silicon Bayou 100 for their efforts over the past year in growing their own companies, supporting the companies of others, and being outstanding ambassadors representing Silicon Bayou around the world.

A Viewpoint: News with a Twisted Perspective 14 November 2011

Like the Idea Village, Propeller connects innovators with the resources necessary to start and build a business through different accelerator and mentor programs. However, Propeller emphasizes helping social entrepreneurs — individuals who want to start and grow financially sustainable, innovative, results-focused ventures.



Best of New Orleans: 40 Under 40 2 November 2009

Propeller Fellow, Dr. Arwen Podesta, is nominated for the Best of New Orleans Gambit Award: “40 Under 40” for her psychiatry practice working with the Unity for the Homeless, and for serving as the medical director of Odyssey House Louisiana, where she treats patients, particularly those with substance-abuse issues.


40 Under 40

Gambit 4 November 2008

Andrea Chen, executive director, was nominated to Gambit’s annual look at some of the young people who are making remarkable contributions to the New Orleans metropolitan region.