Managing Water Data Workshop

How does the current data being collected impact water management projects in the region and where are there gaps in information? The public is welcome to attend this workshop.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Propeller Incubator
4035 Washington Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70125

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In order to manage water effectively, a tremendous amount of data must in gathered and integrated relating to quality, quantity, and flow of water, as well as information regarding soil types, infiltration rates, and maintenance requirements. The management and gathering of this data requires working across many sectors and sharing information, as well as insuring that data is gathered in ways that can be integrated. A growing number of demonstration projects and monitoring methods are yielding new opportunities for gathering data, but challenges of costs, reliability, and consistency remain. This workshop will bring together experts working with established water data sets, as well as key stakeholders in the area to have a facilitated discussion on managed water related data.

What types of data are currently being collected?
What are the current gaps in order to efficiently gather, manage and integrate data?
What are the current monitoring efforts and what are future plans?
How are different agencies sharing data among themselves? How is data being shared across sectors?
Is there a role for entrepreneurs in data management and data collection?

Julia Kumari-Drapkin (Executive Producer/Creator, ISeeChange)
Andrea Bourgeois-Calvin (Water Quality Director, LPBF)
Sara Cohen (Deputy CIO, City of New Orleans)
David Lessinger (Director of Planning and Strategy, NORA)
Miriam Belblidia, Moderator (CEO, Water Works)

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This workshop is a series in the Water Challenge, an initiative funded by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, supported by the Economic Development Administration, and generously sponsored by Entergy Corporation.