PitchNOLA: Water 2021

Applications to PitchNOLA: Water 2021 are now open to entrepreneurs with innovative strategies to improve the way our region lives with water. On June 17th, 4-6 entrepreneurs will pitch to a judges’ panel consisting of industry leaders and experts for the chance to win over $15,000 in cash prizes.

Selected finalists will receive support in the form of pitch coaching, financial coaching, and design support in preparation for their final pitch.  Entrepreneurs seeking capital, pitch coaching, and a platform to share their work with the broader community are highly encouraged to apply!

PitchNOLA and its winners have received notable attention from publications including the Washington Post, The Guardian, the Times-Picayune, The Advocate, WWNO, and WWLTV. 

Event Date: 6/17/21

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Growth Stage Grand Prize: $10,000

Startup Stage Grand Prize: $5,000

Growth Stage Audience Favorite: $500

Startup Stage Audience Favorite: $500

Startup stage finalists will have the option to participate in Propeller’s 2021 Impact Accelerator Program. All finalists will receive pitch coaching, as well as access to financial and design consultants in preparation for the final pitch.


PitchNOLA: Water 2021 will consist of 2-3 Startup stage ventures (under $75,000 in annual revenue), and 2-3 Growth stage ventures ($75,000 - $500,000 in annual revenue).  Ideal applicants may work in, but are not limited to, the following areas:
  • Urban Water Management: the design, installation, and maintenance of water management infrastructure in our region, improving safety and furthering the goal of environmental justice
  • Coastal Environments: products, processes, or financing mechanisms that preserve coastal wetland, mitigate current wetland loss, accelerate or enhance our understanding of the science of coastal restoration, or complement planned coastal preservation and restoration projects
  • Water-based Industries: small businesses or organizations that bring to market innovative products, services, or initiatives including but not limited to workforce development initiatives, fisheries and seafood production, and cultivation of native plants.
Special consideration will be given to organizations that demonstrate alignment with local and state plans for water management.

Judging Criteria

PitchNOLA: Water 2021 winners will be selected by a panel of judges, using the following criteria:

  • Potential for Social and Environmental Impact: The solution must seek to reduce or eliminate disparities for communities in New Orleans and/or address a significant water-based environmental challenge;
  • Financial Viability: Solutions should demonstrate a viable and sustainable revenue stream if revenue is required for implementation
  • Commitment to Racial Equity: Applicants should have a demonstrated commitment to racial equity and inclusion
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership:  Applications should demonstrate that you or your team has the background, skillsets, and mindset to make your idea a reality.

Entrepreneurial leadership can be demonstrated via:

  • Educational, professional or life experience;
  • Proven track record starting, leading, or operating an initiative, program, or past venture;
  • Demonstrated experience in your field of work;
  • Ability to connect to, engage with, and serve communities of New Orleans most impacted by disparities.

Audience Participation

Audience members play a key role at each PitchNOLA competition. Each audience member will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite Startup and Growth stage ventures for the Audience Favorite Awards!

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