The Pitch

WERKLY is a website and mobile app marketplace allowing users to find WERKERS for every job imaginable. WERKLY uses an advanced search and filter system that incorporates social connections, user ratings and reviews, performance indicators, and advanced profiles. This will enable users to quickly hire people they know, in their town, who have the skills to do the job at a reasonable and competitive rate.

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Eric Bernstein & Alix Keller & Kristie Weatherford

Eric Bernstein & Alix Keller & Kristie Weatherford

The Entrepreneur

Eric Bernstein is a project manager from Brooklyn, with over 10 years experience in fabrication and design for fashion, music and art events. In 2012, he realized that there was no modern web solution for his community of workers (i.e., craftsmen, artists, builders, movers, stylists, engineers, etc) and Werkly was born—a website dedicated to creating a labor marketplace for the emerging DIY/Maker community. With an education in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Degree in Medical Science from SUNY Downstate, Eric has studied technology and the way in which it affects us. He is most interested in how we use technology in order to work with each other offline to build stronger communities. Currently, Eric has left Brooklyn to explore cities with greater economic growth needs, such as Detroit and New Orleans.

Alix Keller knows how to build technology. Having played in many fields from science, startup incubation, cosmetics, fashion, oil & gas, technology, television, to rock-n-roll, Alix is positioned to understand client needs across disciplines and industries with a creatively scientific approach to products, projects, and business development.

Kristie Weatherford brings more than 10 years of user experience design to the Werkly team, having worked with organizations as diverse as CNN, Cartoon Network, the US Supreme Court, major Investment Banks (confidential clients), and numerous startups. In 2012, she partnered to start a design studio, Kmona, that specializes in bootstrapped and fast-to-market solutions. Kristie currently calls New York City, where she is the Head of User Experience in North America for a global financial consultancy, her home. She enjoys being active in the design community while undertaking passion projects.

The Opportunity/Challenge

Werkly is trying to help small business to grow by providing on-demand labor at
an affordable rate. Simultaneously, we hope to provide employment for everyone
including special needs groups such as returning soldiers and unemployed
manufacturing labor.

The Impact

  • Launched website in March 2014
  • 550 workers and managers signed up since launch
  • Created more than 20 jobs


2013-2014 Ventures


  • Economic & Workforce Development



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