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The Pitch

Top Box Foods is a non-profit organization offering delicious, nutritious, high-quality foods at affordable prices to people living in areas with limited access to healthy eating options.

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Top Box Foods
Sam Heyman & Connor DeLoach

Sam Heyman & Connor DeLoach

The Entrepreneur

Sam is the Co-Founder and Director of Host Site Development of Top Box Foods, New Orleans. He plans to graduate from Tulane University in the Spring of 2016 with a BA in both Political Science and Communications. In 2012, Sam chose Tulane University because of their involvement in the rebuilding of New Orleans. Drawn to communities in need, the New Orleans food desert continues to both intrigue and motivate Sam. Inspired by city figures such as Burnell Cotlon and Councilmember LaToya Cantrell, he challenges himself by connecting with a new community each week, learning more about their experience while promoting healthy eating habits along the way.

After spending several months volunteering for Top Box Foods in Chicago and falling in love with the organization’s values and abilities to create change, Connor moved to New Orleans with the ambitious purpose of co-founding the first national branch of Top Box Foods. Since moving to the Crescent City in 2013, Connor attends school as a part-time student and serves as the Vice President of Top Box Foods New Orleans. Top Box Foods NOLA has successfully delivered over fifty thousand pounds of fresh produce to families all over the city. In his roll as VP, Connor continues to strive for newer and more innovative ways to help residents of New Orleans gain access to the healthy and affordable food they rightfully deserve.


During the Startup Accelerator Program, Top Box Foods NOLA earned a total revenue of $36,415 with most of that revenue generated from their September 2015 deliveries. The number of boxes of groceries sold increased by 33%, and they maintained 50% cost savings for buyers. Top Box Foods NOLA has sold 2086 boxes of groceries to customers in food deserts across New Orleans since starting Propeller’s Startup Accelerator. They partnered with the Cookbook Project, Tulane Goldring Center, and Dr. Eric Griggs to increase food literacy for their customers. They plan to use these partners to educate their client base of 500+ New Orleans families on healthy eating, cooking, and living habits. They hope to utilize new supply chains formed through a partnership with Liberty’s Kitchen in order to gain access to local produce, a wider variety of frozen groceries.


2015 Startup Ventures




Propeller was a tremendously beneficial experience for both myself and my organization. The program provided me with invaluable support, advice, and resources that truly propelled my organization to new heights.

Connor DeLoach
Co-Founder, Top Box Foods (Propeller'15)

Propeller is everything that is right about the social venture sector here in New Orleans. Nothing creates communal change better than surrounding yourself with 30 socially minded companies. Going into propeller, Top Box was stuck in 1st gear, we were moving forward but the pace was starting to scare Connor and myself. After three months in Propeller, we have a plan to scale, a budget and a better sense of our self-worth.

Sam Heyman
Co-Founder, Top Box Foods (Ventures 2015)