Sports Series

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Sport Series, Inc. is a 501©3 nonprofit that delivers STEM curriculum through sport and recreational activity workshops. Participants learn to personalize their interactive experience and retain information, while engaging in playful recreation.

Dr. Sonya Wesley

Dr. Sonya Wesley

The Entrepreneur

Dr. Sonya Wesley
Dr. Sonya Wesley, founder of Sport Series, Inc., is an education consultant and former athlete; earning a BA in Pre Law/Human Behavior, MA in Public Administration/Human Resource Management and Doctorate of Education/Sports Management. Dr. Wesley experienced the difficulties of traditional, reflective curriculum throughout her academic career. After dropping out of high school, becoming a teenage parent, and matriculating from a GED to an Ed.D, she has spent over 20 years dedicated to intense academic study, including researching the incongruity of academic failure and athletic prowess among student-athletes. Her dissertation study titled, “Learning Styles of Student-Athletes,” is a student-athlete learning style study that discovered that (91.2%) of student athletes exhibited an active learning preference, (5.5%) exhibited a balanced learning preference, and (3.3%) exhibited a reflective learning preference.


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