Southern City Farm, LLC

The Pitch

A local urban produce provider operating a climate-controlled indoor urban farm, providing sustainably grown produce that is harvested within a single day of reaching its customer’s table.


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Andrew Prat

Andrew Prat

The Entrepreneur

Andrew Prat (COO)
As the COO, Andrew’s work ethic, critical thinking skills, and knowledge of plants set him apart. From growing, marketing, and selling, Andrew has gained a vast amount of experience over the past few years, but his best qualities are his ability to be open minded, flexible, and his desire to learn and always do his best. He understands that the Company is made up of the people he surrounds himself with that work towards a common goal, and that it is most beneficial to allow each person on the team to contribute his or her best qualities. Andrew acknowledges that his job is to bring in people that are more knowledgeable and technically skilled than him, and that the best thing he can do is to allow them and encourage them to do their jobs to the highest degree.


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